Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday August 29th

Well, Its not really September 29th. That was a terrible terrible mistake. Oh my!

Wowie zowie! I have this blog for less than a week and I already forgot to post! Haha!

Anyway, here is my first Monday Update post, where I tell you all about what sort of new and exciting things are going on!

I spent the majority of today making envelopes for my September freebie, but I'll post more about that little ditty on September 1st.

Things are really exciting and stressful at the moment. Y'see, my first solo show (as well as first local show) is opening on September 10th (Facebook event)! I have so many things I want to finish for the show before the opening, and as a result, I'm running around trying to get everything done in hyper-speed! Haha!

A day full of envelope making has really calmed me down; Tomorrow I will continue to work in high gear.

Here are some Post-It Doodles I did this past week at work.

(There were more, but they got severely crumpled in my pockets.)

That's really it so far. I'll see you again on Wednesday September 31st.

Take care.

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  1. you should post here more often! tumblr is such a black hole and it's hard to keep up with you there..

    well, i should talk, i neglect my blog terribly..


    an admirer of your work from boston
    (i'm not a creepy i swear)